WoW Legion Alchemy Quest Storyline

ID Quest Lvl Zone Note Video
1 Get Your Mix On 100 Dalaran Legion Alchemist & Mana, HP, Rej
2 Missing Shipments 100 Azsuna
3 A Mysterious Text 100 Azsuna
4 There’s a Scribe for That 100 Dalaran
5 Ancient Knowledge 100 Dalaran Fun cutscene
6 A Dormant Burner 100 Dalaran
7 Ley Hunting 100 Azsuna  Recipe: Draught of Raw Magic
8 Put a Cork in It 102 Eye of Azshara
9 Furbolg Firewater 102 Val’sharah  Recipe: Sylvan Elixir +10% stats tree
10 Flasking for a Favor 104 Highmountain Need 60x Foxflower with you
11 Thanks for Flasking 104 Highmountain  Recipe: Avalanche Elixir
12 Potent Powder 106 Neltharion’s Lair
13 We Need More Powder! 106 Stormheim  Recipe: Skaggldrynk Invisability
14 Forlorn Filter 108 Val’sharah
15 Mending the Filter 108 Val’sharah
16 Trading for Dreams 108 Val’sharah Need 5x Dreamleaf with you
17 Return the Filter 108 Val’sharah 2 Recipes: +Speed 150%, Transmutation
18 A Fragile Crucible 110 Suramar
19 Lining the Crucible * 110 Dalaran
20 Demon’s Bile ** 110 Vault of the Wardens  Recipe: Infernal Alchemist Stone 815
21 Bendy Glass Tubes 110 Vault of the Wardens 4 Recipes: Mana, Armor, Melee, rdd
22 Going Underground 110 The Underbelly
23 The Price of the Black Market 110 The Underbelly Fun quest Khadgar hair
24 An Imprecise Burette 110 Dalaran
25 Calibration Experts 110 World or Calibration Experts
26 Testing the Calibration *** 110 Dalaran Rank1 Strength, Intellect, Agility, Stamina
27 Channeling Our Efforts 110 Dalaran
28 The Prime Ingredient 110 Halls of Valor  Recipe: Flask of Ten Thousand Scars
29 A Hope in Helheim 110 Maw of Souls  Recipe: Flask of the Countless Armies
30 Heavy, But Helpful 110 Black Rook Hold  Recipe: Flask of the Whispered Pact
31 Rage Fire 110 The Emerald Nightmare
32 In With the New 110 Dalaran  Recipe: Spirit Cauldron

* Need 2x Felwort, 1x Blood of Sargeras, 1x Felhide, 100x Yseralline Seed
** Don’t forget to take  Recipe: Skaggldrynk with you. You need to use it near the closed door after Inquisitor Tormentorum 2-nd floor
***You need to craft 10x Recipe: Leytorrent Potion & 10x Recipe: Unbending Potion & 10x Recipe: Potion of the Old War & 10x Recipe: Potion of Deadly Grace Can just buy them from AH

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